About Christopher



Christopher Sin is a filmmaker based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. He specializes in directing, cinematography, production design and visual effects. He is also an actor, martial artist and photographer. One of his photos from the “Crystal Ball Project” was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Hasselblad Masters Contest. His short film, “Almost Home”, was an official selection for the Action on Film Festival 2016. His other short film, “The Architect”, was an official selection for the LA New Wave Intl’ Film Festival 2016. “The Butterfly Fable” got in the same festival in 2017 and won the Audience Choice Award.

In addition to narrative films, he also makes corporate, commercial and charity videos. Past and present clients include Reebok, Beyond Jewelry, Nice Pops, Music Children, Fallout Media, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, Character Day Hong Kong and Gift Love. He has also worked with various leaders and celebrities in Hong Kong, you may recognize some in the following video.


As early as I had memories, I have always had images, ideas and concepts in my mind that are physically and logically impossible to be seen in the real world. However, they are just too beautiful to be kept private. Driven by the passion to share them with others, I have decided to go into exploring the ways to realize these dreams so that they can be seen by others.

As much as I love photography, I realize the limitation of purely capturing real-life moments. Rather than waiting for valued moments, I found the possibility and pleasure of creating them. It is by realizing these imagined scenes that I have found the significant meaning of creating one’s life, instead of waiting for things to happen.

A painter who always has wonderful images in his mind but does not have the chance to exercise his skills is just a wasted talent. Understanding the importance of skills in presenting these ideas in an attractive way, I have made a lot of effort in perfecting my skills throughout my teenage years. At this point, I am confident to introduce myself as a versatile filmmaker, equally skilled at editing, cinematography, visual effects and animation, who also have extensive knowledge in photography, digital photo manipulation, as well as 3D works.

While some people may question whether there is any limitation to creativity, admittedly part of it always takes root from an existing idea but the new vision that can be projected is amazingly eye-opening. It is true that it is almost impossible to invent a new color given the variety we have today, but one can always create a new style with combination and organization of color tones and stun the world with it. Ideas are not installed inside one’s brain at birth but are be developed via learning, thinking, reading, daydreaming, practicing, broadening one’s horizons and expanding one’s intellect. Creativity is about being inspired and in turn to inspire the world. Working hand in hand with passion and skills, creativity is one of the most dynamic forces that drives the world to go forward.