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Every story starts with an idea. But in the end, it is the execution that matters. My name is Christopher Sin. And I am a filmmaker based in Hong Kong. With a pinch of movie magic, I can execute your idea to its fullest potential. I have worn many hats in the film industry. As you will see in this website, I offer a wide range of services both on-camera and off-camera.

I discuss openly with my clients to come up with the best possible video content which meets the client’s requests and exceeds their expectations. I focus on cost-effective video production to make things look great without spending a fortune. Just give me a call, and I will get it done.

Production Design

Visual Effects & 3D Work

Car Crash

Wooden Shack

Flight Animation

Certification – 3ds Max

In 2015, I completed a diploma in 3D Animation Design with Autodesk 3ds Max